Lucid Motors Throws Hat in the Ring—Could This Startup Dethrone Tesla?

Tesla may be the world leader in electric vehicles—with a large market share and one of the best reputations for innovation, quality, and technology—but that doesn’t mean Elon Musk’s innovative luxury electric car company can rest on its laurels.

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​​Introducing the Handheld Ultrasound Imaging System

Rapid bedside diagnosis using a stethoscope has played an integral role in the healthcare field for decades. As technology caught up with the industry, quicker methods of diagnosing patients were introduced, although not perfected. Enter the world of handheld ultrasound (HHUS) imaging systems, which when paired with stethoscopes bring a new dynamism to expedited hospital care.

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​​How Plastic Welding Processes Improve with Infrared Cameras

Infrared (IR) welding has been utilized in manufacturing for around thirty years, becoming a mainstay in the assembly of larger materials and materials that may have high hermetic or strength requisites. In a traditional infrared welding process, parts are held in pairs near an infrared platen that melt adjoining surfaces. Once the temperature is sufficient, the platen is removed, and both parts are pressed together, remolding under pressure.

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​​Prepare Your Workforce for Automation

Automation in the workplace is here. No longer the stuff of fiction, human beings are interacting with robots and artificial intelligence on a daily basis. Every moment, there are more and more breakthroughs in robotics and the digital world forming brand new strategies for your business. Within this world of machines and digital automation is the heart of your company, the people. How can you prepare your workforce for the automation age and a vastly changing workplace? It’s important to create an environment where technology and humans can work in harmony.

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4 Ways Automated Services Have Changed the Workplace

Automation in the workplace is a new reality. On a daily basis, technology is advancing, automation is changing jobs, and it is changing the very way we perform our roles. Bots and AI are impacting jobs across the economic spectrum. Here are four fundamentals of workplace automation that today’s businesses need to consider to stay competitive.

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