High Precision UV Laser

Precise Cutting & Drilling of Thin or Flexible Materials

For cutting or drilling of PCB materials, UV laser systems work with a laser power of just a few watts. Flexible circuits have become a standard in consumer electronics, the automotive industry, and robotics. High-precision cutting operations, and flexible process control by LPKF UV laser technology is the first choice for drilling and cutting of thin PCBs.

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider UV Lasers as Your Depaneling Solutions


There was a time when IT manufacturing plants revolved around mechanics and hardware assembly. While the software side of things could do some amazing stuff in virtual land, the assembly of servers, PCs, and circuit boards was still locked well into the basic mechanics. Adhesion and assembly were applied through screws, solder, drilling, cutting, puzzle locks, hedging, and even carpentry principles applied to metal and plastic. It’s a bit ironic how, for so many years, the very tools industries have used for technological advancement have still relied on assembly methods applied with tools created centuries ago. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons to Consider UV Lasers as Your Depaneling Solutions”