Why Upgrade Your In-house PCB Prototyping Capabilities?

It may just be “Just a Matter of Time”

When considering an upgrade to your prototyping lab, new and improved capabilities certainly a play a major role. As you evaluate your options, you may also wish to consider the amount of time required by a technician to operate the system and complete your finished PCB prototype. The ProtoMat SX4 Series’ updated features provide a whole new level of in-house PCB prototyping automation!

LPKF Laser & Electronics ProtoMat S64 and S104 systems have been redesigned with your engineer’s valuable time in mind. The new fully automated ProtoMat SX4 series features provide engineers with the ability to complete prototyping projects with minimal system interaction, freeing up valuable time for your engineers to work on other projects while your prototype is being processed.


The SX4 Series 15-20 position automated tool exchange eliminates the need to address the system each time a new tool is required. The SX4 series also provides automated depth of cut setting with an accuracy of +-1 µm, eliminating the need for time consuming manual depth setting adjustments. The ProtoMat S104 includes a new Copper Thickness Sensor Probe that measures copper thickness and will verify unknown material stock which you may have unlabeled in your lab.


Automated alignment of your top and bottom designs can now be accomplished in seconds using the integrated high resolution Fiducial Recognition and Alignment camera included on all SX4 series systems. Automatic milling cut depth and width adjustment can also be quickly and accurately accomplished using the fiducial camera and CircuitPro software.


The ProtoMat SX4 series now includes a Pneumatic collet and independent z-axis drive enabling faster and unattended operations of the S64 and S104 systems. 150 mm/s (6 in/s) max travel speed and 100 strokes/min drilling speed ensure your project will be completed in short order.


These new and time saving innovations are combined with the ProtoMat SX4 series individually calibrated granite base and precision flat ceramic vacuum table to provide industry leading speed, efficiency and long-term precision for your prototyping equipment needs. Your thin and flexible materials can now be positioned easily and held precisely.


Rapid prototyping is essential to prove circuit layouts and quickly release new products to the market. With nearly 45 years of German engineered PCB prototyping system development, LPKF engineers took time to improve our ProtoMat SX4 Series systems so that your engineers can save development time and be more productive! Our SX4 series will take your design from idea to prototype in record time!


Watch our ProtoMat SX4 demonstration video to see how fast and easy PCB prototyping can be.


ProtoMat SX4 Demonstration Video

Whether you are considering an upgrade to your existing prototyping system, a research facility with plans for new prototyping capabilities, or just beginning your evaluation; take time to visit www.lpkfusa.com/products/pcb_prototyping/ for more information on our ProtoMat S64 or S104 precision prototyping systems. We look forward to assisting you!