Key Areas for Effective Material Handling

If you are working in tight margins, cost control is going to be a vital part of operations. One area that plays an essential role to cost management, and one that is unfortunately all-too-often overlooked, is material handling. Continue reading “Key Areas for Effective Material Handling”

Project Estimation

When it comes to automation projects, staying on task and on budget are of high importance. Finding ways to manage costs and to stay in check with project estimates means employing logistical strategies to help everyone on the team succeed in completing overall tasks.

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​Continental Buys Sensor Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

German auto parts supplier Continental AG recently acquired a division of Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc. (ASC), a company that manufactures image sensors used in autonomous vehicles. This acquisition brings the auto parts supplier solidly into the field of autonomous vehicle production, an area that is gaining increasing focus as automakers develop new innovations in self-driving technology. Continue reading “​Continental Buys Sensor Technology for Autonomous Vehicles”